1981: Tony Geraghty in freefall from 26,000ft in a HALO (high altitude-low opening) jump favoured by the SAS



1970(approx): Sibson airfield, near Peterborough, kitting up for the next skydive.



Canal Zone of Egypt 1951: taking part in a heavy drop which did not go according to plan.



Canal Zone of Egypt 1951: part of the British army of occupation, serving with 16 Independent Parachute Brigade Group.



17 April 1941 : Sutherland Terrace, Pimlico, about 200 yards from Geraghty's childhood home, the morning after it was hit by two German parachute mines and three high explosive bombs. In 19944, Geraghty was buried by debris from a V1-flying bomb. He was aged twelve and a war veteran by then. (Picture copyright City of Westminster Archives)



As war reporter during the Biafran/nigerian civil war 1968, marching with warriors of the Tiv tribe.



Taking a break from skiing, 2008.



At the workface, as an author, 2009.



Preparing for a Remembrance Day parade.


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